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Catered Liquor Ordinance

East Bethel has hopped on the wagon with Princeton and other small cities requiring caterers to have a permit to serve alcohol at private events. The new ordinance takes effect Friday, June 12th. They hope that it will keep a tighter rein on alcohol sales from illegitimate caterers at events.

“When there’s liquor involved, it behooves us to make sure our public safety people know,” said East Bethel City Administrator Doug Sell. “It’s also important for the city to know that the individuals serving alcohol are properly insured. Hopefully there’s not an issue but you would hope that they’re properly insured.”

“What they’re concerned about is that people will come in and put a bowl of Fritos out there and chip dip and use that as the excuse to sell food as a foot in the door to sell booze,” said East Bethel City Attorney Jerry Randall. “Cities want to make sure they are legitimate food service operators, not just a pretext to sell booze.”

Caterers are normally licensed by the state and hold liquor licenses in their home municipalities. In the past they have been able to sell liquor in another city without being subject to the same local liquor ordinances that apply to established bars and liquor stores. Now caterers will be required to pay a nominal fee and submit an application and show proof of:

  • Valid, state-issued caterer’s permit
  • Primary liquor license
  • Current insurance policy
  • Contract with a local customer

Violations could result in misdemeanor charges being filed.

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