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Are There Any Upfront Fees?

At TSR Injury Law, we charge no upfront fees to help determine if you have a case, no upfront fees while we build your case and no upfront fees while we work on your case. At the end of the legal process - when your case reaches a settlement or a jury verdict – we charge a percentage of your total, awarded compensation. The percentage varies, depending on your type of case and this can be discussed during a consultation with a lawyer at our firm.

Why Do We Handle Cases This Way?

By not charging our fees in advance, it provides a risk-free way for injury victims to consider their legal options without financial pressure. It also helps victims to level the legal playing field – claims are often against large insurance agencies and companies that have full teams of lawyers and support staff.

Our award-winning legal team have successfully handled many cases against such competition and understand how they build the cases that they handle. We use that knowledge to help build a strong argument for your maximum compensation recovery.

What Happens During an Initial Consultation?

The initial consultation is a completely free, no-obligation opportunity for potential clients. In this meeting, we determine whether you may have a valid case and answer any questions that you may have about your case and how we can help you. We also explain more about our fees, including what they are and when we collect payment for our services.

If you have a case and choose to hire our law firm, your attorney will provide a contract that will include the fees as discussed. Both you and your attorney must sign the contract before work can begin.

What Happens at the Conclusion of My Case?

At the end of the legal process, when your case either reaches a settlement or the jury awards you compensation after a trial, your attorney will provide you with a closing statement. You can review the total amount of compensation awarded as well as our costs and fees. We can also help if you have outstanding medical liens that you need help resolving and bill those costs through your compensation. However, no money is disbursed until you have reviewed and signed the closing statement.

Once all the outstanding costs and attorney fees are paid out, the client receives the remainder of the compensation. If we do not recover compensation for you, we do not get paid.

Do Some Attorneys Use Other Types of Fee Arrangements?

Some attorneys use an upfront type of fee arrangement that can be costly and difficult for most people to afford. Lawyers may require thousands of dollars to retain their services before any work begins. After that, clients pay a hefty set fee per hour, often hundreds of dollars or more. These costs are expected up front. They are not advanced costs that you can hold off paying until your case concludes.

The Attorneys at TSR Injury Law are Ready to Help

When it is time to call for legal help, reach out to our licensed attorneys at TSR Injury Law. We have been representing injured victims in Minnesota for more than 20 years. Our proven track record includes millions in compensation obtained on behalf of our clients.

You can reach our firm 24/7 by calling our toll-free number. We also have a convenient contact form online that you can complete and submit to get a return call from our firm.

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