Bus Driver Accused of Choking Student

The driver of a school bus in Monticello is under investigation after several students on her bus say that she choked a 7th grader.

Travis Walker told the media that he is healing, but that he is afraid to get on another school bus again because of what happened to him in November 2012.

Walker said that the bus driver dove on him and put her hands around his neck, hitting him. He said he tried to reach for his phone. He says that the driver became upset because he had answered a cell phone call from his sibling while on the bus. It turned out his sibling was locked out of the house.

There were dozens of students on the bus at the time and some of them called the police, while others called Walker’s sister, who met them at the next bus stop.

Hailey Walker, Travis’s sister, stated that the bus driver started to pull off at the next stop, but she stepped in front of the bus and stood there. She then asked Travis what happened and saw the hand prints around his neck. Travis then pulled down the front of his shirt to show his sister his red chest. Hailey Walker further stated that the side of Travis’s face was red as if he had been punched.

Travis Walker’s mother says that her son has gotten into trouble with the driver before, but she says that gave the driver no reason to choke her child.

One student was noted as saying that the driver spit in the boy’s face and called him stupid. The student said Travis said some curse words back at her.

The family said they want to file charges, but investigators state that there are two sides to the story. Even so, the case is expected to be handed over to county prosecutors.

School officials have said that the driver will remain on suspension until a total of four investigations are completed. The investigations are being conducted by the bus company, the Wright County Sheriff’s Department, The school district, and by the Department of Education.

A spokesperson for the bus company, Hoglund Transportation, issued a statement saying that they were saddened over the situation and they have interviewed the driver. They say that she has been a driver for them for approximately eight years and had never even been written up before.

This is the first time that Hoglund Transportation has had to deal with allegations against a bus driver committing assault.

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