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Boy Who Nearly Drowned on Disney Cruise Moved to Minnesota Hospital

A boy who nearly drowned on a Disney Fantasy cruise ship in March has now been moved back home to Minnesota and is being cared for in a Minnesota hospital.

Chase Lykken, 4, has suffered brain damage and was released from the Arnold Palmer hospital for children and transferred to Children’s in St. Paul.

The youngest of three, the young boy had just boarded the cruise ship with his family on March 30 in Port Canaveral for a cruise to the Western Caribbean when he was suddenly pulled from one of the three pools on the ship, according to witnesses.

One person stated that he was unconscious and not breathing for a number of minutes. This has resulted in a long and difficult recovery process for the young boy.

After he was recovered from the pool, rescuers performed CPR for Chase to then be transported to Cape Canaveral hospital. He was taken from Cape Canaveral Hospital to Orlando’s Arnold Palmer Hospital.

Port Canaveral Police, who have investigated the incident, would not release specific details, such as how long the boy was under the water. The case is also being investigated by the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Chris and Lisa Lykken, Chase’s parents, have not commented on the incident.

According to information posted online about Chase’s case, he has sustained damage to the parts of the brain that control motor skills and basic function, including body temperature, respiration and heart rates, hunger and thirst, eyesight, and the sleep-wake cycle.

Friends have been organizing to help the family offset medical costs.

One photo of Chase online shows him wearing a Captain America costume. The comic-book hero’s red, white, and blue shield was posted on the Internet on Chase’s and Facebook pages. So far, the Facebook page has netted over 4,000 likes. The page has over 2,200 comments of encouragement and good wishes.

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