Ambulance Crashes in Minneapolis

This weekend there were two more car crashes involving HCMC ambulances — on the heels of an ambulance accident last weekend where a pedestrian was killed. These two crashes were within minutes of each other. The second ambulance was responding to the first ambulance crash when it was hit by a drunk driver.

The first accident happened in North Minneapolis. The ambulance had its lights and siren going. A taxi cab failed to yield at the corner of Lyndale Avenue and Highway 55; the ambulance crashed into it. The cab driver was sited for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle.

The call was made that an ambulance was needed to take the taxi driver and his two passengers to the hospital, one passenger in serious condition. As the ambulance was driving to the accident, it was hit by a drunk driver, in a minivan, with no headlights on. The driver was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving.

In total eight people were involved in the two accidents. The four paramedics sustained minor injuries, two people were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, and one woman is still in serious condition at HCMC.

In Minnesota, most accidents file a claim on their own no-fault insurance coverage. No-fault covers:

  • wage loss
  • medical expenses
  • replacement service
  • funeral expenses
  • burial expenses
  • rehabilitation

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