7 Crashes, 11 Dead on Memorial Weekend

This is the deadliest weekend on record in years. The state has an average crash fatality of 2-3 per weekend. There have been 11 killed this weekend and it is only half over. Officers are lamenting the lack of responsibility and the needless loss of life.

The most lives were lost in the 2-vehicle car accident in Olmsted County. A minivan was broadsided and spun around by a Silverado, leaving 4 dead. The cause of the accident is alcohol-related according to police. There was another drunk driving fatality involving an underage driver. The victim in that accident was only 17 years old. In total 4 of the 7 crashes involved alcohol.

Our hearts go out to the grieving families. TSR Injury Law is a proud supporter of MADD Minnesota and received the 2008 MADD Choice Award. The Minneapolis auto accident lawyers at TSR Injury Law represent those whose lives have been changed forever by the drunk driving negligence of others. Call (612) TSR-TIME or submit our free consultation form.

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