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35W Bridge Collapse

TSR Injury Law was a member of the 35W Bridge Collapse Pro Bono Consortium.

We are now handling six personal injury cases from the bridge collapse disaster. These cases should go to trial in June.

It has been almost two years since the Interstate 35W bridge collapse and the bridge girders are still littering Bohemian Flats parkland in Minneapolis. The wreckage covers 7 acres of the park. The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board would like them moved because it is costing them in lost revenue — $16,000 annually from a pay parking lot and $20,000 in fees from a private excursion boat company that cannot operate from the park.

There are lawsuits pending from 117 survivors and relatives of victims from the bridge collapse. They want — and need — the girders preserved in place. The waste land of steel is evidence that can be used to prove their cases for legal liability. The girders are arranged in a way that replicates their position before the collapse. They still have visual impact.

The court said MnDOT could move the wreckage, but the court is not willing to order the legal protection for the move that MnDOT was seeking.

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