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Truck Accident Hits Bicyclist May 20th

On May 20th, at 7:40 am, life came to a stand still for Dennis Dumm, 31, as his bicycle was hit by a semi-tractor truck pulling a dump truck box. Dennis commuted to work in Minneapolis every day, wearing a helmet, using the bike lane, and carefully obeying the laws.

The semi-truck driver was on a one-way street, making a wide left turn; as he crossed the bike lane he struck and killed the cyclist. The driver will not be given a citation in the accident.

This is a reminder that accidents happen to law-abiding, hard-working, ordinary people. It is vital at a time like this to seek professional help by contacting a Minneapolis personal injury lawyer. A truck accident attorney will provide legal representation and help you receive a fair settlement from your insurance company. TSR Injury Law handles truck accidents and bicycle accidents with skill and compassion. Call (612) TSR-TIME or submit our free consultation form.

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