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Texting A Factor in Car Crash That Killed Teen

A family is devastated to find out that the main factor in a crash that killed their daughter and possibly caused injuries to others was the fact she was texting while driving. This revelation has proven to be an even greater nightmare to her parents seven weeks after they lost their daughter.

It was the first day of D.J. Logan’s senior year of high school, but she made a poor decision on a stretch of County Road 5 that brought her dreams for the rest of her life to a sudden halt.

D.J. ran into the back of a stopped school bus, according to the Olmsted County Sheriff. When emergency crews arrived, they tried to rescue the 17-year-old, but they could not do so. Her death then resulted in a lot of questions from her friends, family, and her community. Unfortunately, the answers are not easy for anyone to hear.

It turns out that D.J. was typing a text message while she was driving. It is believed that this caused a distraction and is the main cause of the accident. The task caused her to take her eyes off of the road and it was most likely too late to stop by the time she saw the bus.

D.J.’s family does help that the story of her accident will help others to understand why texting while driving is not a good idea. They spent a day at Byron High School talking to the students in hopes they could save some lives. They have also provided the students with a bracelet that reminds them to of D.J. and what led to her death.

The family did issue a public statement regarding how devastating it was to learn the results of the investigation. It has been devastating to all who knew her, but they cite her error in judgment as a teenager that caused her to pay the highest price. They said they would much rather be grounding her than not being able to hear her laugh.

The family has warned individuals that cellular phones are a distraction while driving and that parents need to educate their children by setting an example, such as not using the phone while driving and pulling over if it can’t be avoided.

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