New Lawsuits against Reglan

In December, a couple filed a lawsuit against Wyeth Pharmaceuticals after Reglan, a gastrointestinal drug, allegedly caused her to experience severe side effects. Candis and Walter Jansen, the plaintiffs, filed their lawsuit in the Superior Court of San Francisco County because this is the area in which the current mass tort against the company is occurring. In this mass tort lawsuit, there are dozens of plaintiffs seeking monetary compensation for the illnesses and injuries they have allegedly gone through as a result of using the drug. The Jansen’s are seeking compensation for Candis’s injuries and for other hardships that have occurred as a direct result of the side effects.

In the Jansens’ particular case, Candis was prescribed Reglan in 2005 because she was having severe heartburn. She continued to take Reglan until 2009, as instructed by her doctor. Both Candis and her doctor were relying on warnings and information provided to them by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, which they state did not include information about certain side effects and injuries. These side effects and injuries include involuntary facial movements, amongst others.

When Candis experienced the side effects, she was not aware that the Reglan could be causing them.

In their lawsuit, the Jansens claim that Candis Jansen developed a number of debilitating injuries and side effects. Involuntary facial movements and various other movement disorders have developed and they are permanent. The movement disorders that she is experiencing are characterized by uncontrollable and involuntary muscle twitching and twitching of the limbs, face, and other body parts. Her desires are to hold the defendants liable for disability, disfigurement, pain. She has also experienced psychological injuries and mounting medical bills.

Reglan currently has a black box warning ordered by the FDA, but this warning was not implemented until 2009. The late warning meant it was too late for patients, including Candis Jansen. In their suit, they are charging Wyeth with fraud, failure to warn, negligent misrepresentation, negligence, violations against professions and businesses, breach of implied warranties, and violation of the Consumer Legal Remedies Act. Walter Jansen has also charged the company with loss of consortium because of his wife’s disabilities.

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