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Common Construction Site Injury Causes

Workers within the construction business put trust in the equipment that they use. They trust it to work safely and effectively as stated to them by the manufacturers. If the equipment doesn’t work correctly, then the worker can be placed in a life threatening situation.

If you have been injured while using defective construction equipment, it is your right to collect monetary damages from the parties responsible. Those responsible parties include the manufacturer who produced it, the company who maintained it, the company who sold it to you, and the employer who may have ignored issues with the equipment. With so many responsible parties, you have to have a Minneapolis construction equipment defect lawyer who is experienced and who knows how the equipment manufacturers and other companies involved will defend themselves.

Common types Of Construction Site Accidents

Building collapse, roof accidents, faulty scaffolding, cranes that malfunction, and equipment that simply fails to work as specified are the common types of accidents that occur at construction sites due to defective equipment. Perhaps a piece comes loose or the device works at an improper speed. There are so many defects that can occur because there are so many moving parts to a piece of machinery. Other types of accidents include:

  • Trench collapse
  • Electric shock
  • Forklift defects
  • Lack of protective gear or protective gear malfunction
  • Jackhammer malfunction
  • Backhoe malfunction

Of course, the list can go on and on, depending upon the type of construction site and the equipment that is being used.

More Than Workers’ Compensation

Minnesota usually does not allow the construction worker to sue their employer if workers’ compensation benefits are received. However, a construction worker has a great chance of success because a construction site usually has more than one contractor working on the job. One or more of these contractors could be held liable, depending upon the circumstances surrounding the incident and the liability insurance that is present.

We do understand that having to take legal action after an accident involving a construction equipment defect can be very difficult for you and for your family. Fortunately, you will be working with a Minnesota construction equipment defect lawyer with the resources, training, and experience to handle every detail of your case. It is your right to seek out compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and emotional distress.

Contact A Minneapolis Construction Equipment Defect Lawyer

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