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Distracted Driving Collision Lawsuits

MN Distracted Driving Lawyer

Distracted driving is a hot topic because so many crashes and crash-avoidance maneuvers occur due to distracted drivers. Many drivers try to eat, drink, smoke, put on makeup, watch TV, play video games, adjust the climate controls, or talk on the phone — all while they need to be observing the flow of traffic, checking mirrors, reading signs, and watching the road. Some reports claim that 25% of all crashes are distracted driving-related, while other reports have the number closer to 50%.

Regardless of what the numbers are, when you get injured by a distracted driver, 100% of your pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost wages are due to the negligence of another. You need an experienced Minnesota Car Accident Lawyer to gather the evidence and build a strong case in order to optimize your compensation. Contact a Minneapolis car accident lawyer at (612) TSR-TIME.

About Distracted Driving

As previously noted, many behaviors interfere with driving safely. The worst behavior to do while driving is texting. According to a Virginia Tech study, someone who is texting is 23 times more likely to crash than a fully engaged driver.

Just talking on a cell phone interferes with cognitive recognition. This means that when someone is talking on a cell phone, they have difficulty with visual processing and object recognition. The following is one example of this:

Someone is driving down the road talking on their cell phone. The driver's eyes see a pedestrian on the curb — they may even see the pedestrian approach the curb — but with their concentration being on their conversation, their brain does not process the image they have seen. Therefore, they do not use caution and prepare to brake.

Distracted driving is irresponsible. Many lives have been lost or forever changed due to a few seconds of negligence. A negligent, distracted driver can be held accountable under Minnesota state laws.

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