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Choosing a Safe Daycare Facility

Nothing is more important to a parent than the safety of their child. When deciding to enroll your child in a daycare facility, you will want to ensure that the facility itself is clean, safe, and kid-friendly, and that the facility also boasts a friendly, helpful, and well-qualified staff.

When looking for a daycare facility for your child, there are a number of factors you will want to keep in mind to ensure that your child is being left in safe and competent hands:

  • Visit every facility you are considering in person. It is not enough to take someone’s recommendation on a daycare facility. While recommendations can give you a great place to start looking, you will want to visit each facility yourself for inspection.
  • Notice the facility itself—does it appear clean? Is the area sufficiently child-proofed (eg. covers on electrical outlets)? Is the play area cluttered with toys, or does it look like the staff has kept the area sufficiently clean?
  • Check outside—if there is an outdoor play area, you will also want to inspect this part of the facility for cleanliness and safety.
  • Talk to the staff members and try to find out a little bit about them. Are they full time or part time staff? Do they have any formal child-care training? How long have they been working on the job / how much child-care experience do they have? Are they satisfied with the facility and with their work?
  • Discuss what health qualifications the facility requires from its clientele. Are medical / immunization records required for all children?
  • Contact other parents who use that daycare facility. Discuss with them the strengths and weaknesses of that facility and if they would recommend it or not.

Unfortunately, not all day care facilities care for the children they are being trusted to look after. If your child has been injured because of an unsafe or poorly supervised daycare facility, contact the Minneapolis, MN personal injury lawyers of TSR Injury Law today at (612) TSR-TIME to get the compensation you deserve. If you prefer, you may submit our contact form.

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