Minnesota Recreational Vehicle (RV) Accidents Lawyer

When you take out your RV, whether for a weekend camping trip with the kids, or a month long tour with your spouse, you don’t ever plan on getting injured. You may have an itinerary of where to go, where to stay, who to see and what to bring but you don’t count on what happens if you are in a serious accident. RV accidents can result in life threatening and even fatal consequences. Any accident that occurs on the road can result in devastating injuries including:

ATV and Recreational Vehicle Accidents

At TSR Injury Law Firm we handle all personal injuries on and off the road. If you have been injured or if you are enquiring on the behalf of a loved one that was killed on the roads in an RV accident, then you have certain legal rights. Our qualified Minneapolis auto accident attorneys can help you see your options and understand what comes next in the often confusing and stressful task of trying to mend your life back together after a serious road accident.

We can help you determine what you are entitled for and offer our assistance to those faced with:

  • Recreation vehicle accidents including campervans, motorcycles, ATV’s
  • Boating and jet ski accidents
  • Mechanic defects and product liability cases, such as improper tires
  • DUI and DWI road accidents

We offer our assistance in a number of different ways. Our goal is to make this often difficult task as simplified and stress free to you and for your family. After all you have been through, you deserve this and much more! We offer:

  • Complete investigation into the accident
  • Defective product and liability research
  • Insurance claims, denials and all other aspects of insurance related issues

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Driving any type of vehicle on the road, from a motorcycle to a campervan, comes with certain risks. However, in many instances, the accident will not be your fault. There are several instances where you may be eligible for more compensation than what your insurance company is offering you. Instances where the accident is the direct result of someone else, such as a drunk driver, should be looked over by an experienced Minneapolis injury lawyer.

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