Evidence that May Show a Driver Was Distracted

distracted driver using phoneMany crashes are caused by distracted driving, but how do you prove the other driver who hit your car was texting while driving?

Below, learn more about the many forms of evidence that may help establish another driver was texting, eating or otherwise distracted. Our experienced Minneapolis car accident lawyers are prepared to conduct an investigation and gather evidence to help you establish your claim and eligibility for compensation.

Possible Evidence of Distracted Driving

There may be various things that can show your crash was caused by inattention or distraction, such as:

What You See at the Scene

The moments after a crash are often the most critical. It is important that you try to stay calm and objectively evaluate the crash. If your injuries are too serious, it is impossible to investigate the scene.  Maybe someone else around the crash could help.  If you are physically able you should try to document the situation.  Take pictures of various angles of the crash scene. Take pictures of the ground to show skid marks or the lack thereof. Also, take pictures of the damage to the vehicles, as this may indicate what the other driver was doing in the moments before the crash.

If you saw the other driver on the phone, eating or otherwise distracted, report this to police when they come to the scene. If it is safe to do so, try to take a peak in the driver’s vehicle for any signs of distraction, such as makeup or food being strewn about the front seat.


Other people may have observed the driver engaging in distracted driving. If any witnesses were present before the crash, such as pedestrians, people in other vehicles or passengers, be sure you ask for their contact information. Your lawyer can contact them later and get their official statements.

Cellphone Records

Your lawyer may be able to obtain the other driver’s cellphone records, which may show if the other driver had just made or taken a call or sent or received a text message before the collision. Cellphone records should show the date and time of this activity.

In some situations, law enforcement may inspect the driver’s phone at the scene of the crash or keep it for evidence.

Social Media Activity

Your lawyer may also be able to obtain evidence of social media activity, such as a picture or post being made just before the crash or other Internet activity.

Police Reports

It is essential that you call police after a crash, especially if you think it was due to distracted driving. This can help ensure that an investigation is done. The law enforcement officer may provide an opinion about the cause of the crash for the accident report.

The officer may gather valuable information during this investigation, such as:

  • The speed the other driver was driving at the time of the crash
  • Whether the other driver braked
  • The driver’s admission of being distracted
  • A witness’ observation of the driver’s distraction
  • What the officer found on the other driver’s cellphone

Traffic Camera Footage

Many cities install traffic cameras to help detect red light running and other traffic violations. These cameras may have recorded the other driver and his or her distracted behavior prior to the crash.

Minnesota Laws on Distracted Driving

Minnesota law specifically bans reading, composing or sending text messages and emails or accessing the Internet while using a wireless device while the vehicle is in motion or a person is driving. School bus drivers cannot use a cellphone while working. Additionally, teen drivers cannot use cell phones while they have a permit or provisional license.

Instead, Minnesota drivers are only allowed to touch their cellphones once or must use voice-activated commands when trying to send a message, make a call, get directions or listen to music.

Drivers can only hold a phone in their hand if there is an emergency or life-threatening situation.

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