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Biometric Sensors May Help Alert Drivers They May be Too Tired to Drive

biometric sensors and drowsy drivingFatigue can affect drivers in much the same way alcohol intoxication can. Tired drivers may have slower reaction times, poor judgment and poor depth perception, all of which creates a higher risk of a crash.

Unfortunately, fatigue is often underreported as a cause of accidents, according to Daniel Bongers, chief technology officer at SmartCap. This is an Australian company that builds industrial safety products, including a headband that can notify drivers if they may be drowsy.

Even if fatigue contributed to a driver making a bad decision that resulted in a crash, the accident may be attributed to construction or roadwork.

While self-driving vehicles may be the ultimate solution to problems like distracted or drowsy driving, this technology may be a long way from being implemented on a large scale.

In the meantime, there are other technologies that may help drivers right now, such as the wearable biometric sensors being developed by companies like SmartCap. Companies are now able to make these sensors lighter and more accurate and for less money. They can be built into caps, vests, wristbands and glasses.

Sensors in these wearable items can detect things like bobbing or jerking your head, as you might do if you were trying to stay awake. SmartCap’s headband can detect your brain waves and measure alertness or fatigue, notifying you if you are drowsy.

Another company, Optalert, makes glasses that monitor when you blink your eyes, supplying measurements of how long your eyelids stay down on a dash-mounted device. The device has alarms and notifications.

Maven Machines makes a headset that detects if drivers are looking forward, up, down or sideways, along with measuring the number of times you check your mirrors. You may check your mirrors less if you are tired.

Alerts created by these kinds of devices are meant to push drivers to get back into an alert state, such as by pulling over to walk around and/or have a snack. These alerts may help drivers begin to recognize when their bodies are telling them they are too tired to drive safely.

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