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Askov Car Crash Claims Four Lives

On September 11, the lives of four individuals were lost in a very tragic car accident in Pine County near Askov, Minnesota.

The victims were Brett Larson (21), Arden Edwards (58), Catherine Peterson (20) and Felicity Jenson (17).

All four victims died as a result of their pickup truck swerving into oncoming traffic and colliding with a semi truck.

Larson, Edwards, and Jenson all died at the scene of the accident. Peterson died later of her injuries after being airlifted to an area hospital. One 21-year-old man who was in the pickup did survive and he remains in critical condition at a hospital.

The lone survivor of the auto accident was also the driver of the pickup truck and been identified as Nikko Jensen, the brother of Felicity Jensen. Edwards, uncle to the Jensens, was seated next to the passenger door and was the only victim not ejected from the pickup. Although Peterson had been ejected from the truck, she was still alive when the officers arrived on the scene, prompting them to take life saving measures.

The semi truck driver, Dennis Sostak of Askov, was driving an empty gravel hauling truck and was not injured. The Pine County Sheriff’s office and the Minnesota State Patrol are still investigating the accident. At this point in the investigation, Sostak has not been found of any wrong doing and is not expected that he will be.

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