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Tibial Plateau Fracture Injury Compensation

The tibial plateau is critical to the load-bearing capabilities of the human body. Force is directed from the femoral condyles directly onto the tibial plateau, causing a fracture. Fractures of the plateau affect the alignment of the knee, stability, and range of motion (ROM). Most tibial plateau fractures occur in motor vehicle accidents or pedestrian accidents.

Types of Tibial Plateau Fractures

There are different classification systems that are widely accepted. In each of these systems, there are 6 types of fractures based on the fracture pattern and fragment anatomy. They are:

  • I. Wedge Fracture – high energy fracture seen mostly in younger patients, the wedge is not depressed (below the normal level)
  • II. Split Compression – very common in elderly with osteoporosis, the wedge is displaced and may be depressed
  • III. Local Compression Fracture of the Lateral Plateau – depression in the articular surface (part of the bone that comes into contact with other bone)
  • IV. Medial Plateau Fracture – high velocity fracture with bone fragmentation, in some cases not able to be reconstructed
  • V. Bicondylar Fracture – wedge fractures of medial and lateral plateau, in half of these cases there will be peripheral meniscal detachment
  • VI. Complex Bicondylar Fracture – high energy trauma with a combination of forces, tibial plateau break completely separated from the long bone (tibia), 1/3 are open fractures and nearly all of these breaks include extensive soft tissue damage

Complications with Tibial Plateau Fractures

With some tibial plateau fractures, there can be injury to the ligaments, peroneal nerve, menisci, or the popliteal artery. Other complications are:

  • loss of range of motion (ROM)
  • osteoarthritis
  • bone fragments
  • edema (accumulation of fluid)

Recovery from Tibial Plateau Fractures

Not all tibial plateau fractures require surgery. With or without surgery you will not be able to put weight on the broken leg for 6-12 weeks. During that time you will need to pursue therapy to maintain some muscle strength and to work on ROM. The degree of ROM you will be able to attain is dependent on the type of break, complications, and your commitment to physical therapy.

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