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Compression Fracture Injuries

A compression fracture may be debilitating, with lifelong implications. You need experienced, aggressive legal representation in order to receive the best settlement possible. We can help.

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Compression Fracture Symptoms

The spine is comprised of 24 vertebrae. The main section of each vertebra is a large, round segment called the vertebral body. A compression fracture causes the vertebral body to collapse in height on one side. Severe compression fractures, as can happen in vehicle accidents, can push fragments of bone into the spinal column and impinge upon the spinal cord. The resultant damage can be partial or complete paralysis from the point of fracture and below:

  • pain in the neck and back
  • sporadic pain in the hips, abdomen, or thighs
  • numbness
  • tingling
  • weakness
  • loss of control of bladder or bowels

Treatment of Compression Fractures

Some traumatic compression fractures can heal without surgery. The most common treatments are medication to control the pain, decrease daily activity, and bracing. The brace is molded to conform tightly to the body and supports the back, restricting movement. In addition to preventing the wearer from bending forward, the brace holds the spine in a hyper-extended state. This takes most of the pressure off the vertebral body, allowing it to heal.

Severe fractures may need surgery to stabilize the vertebrae adjacent to the fracture site. As with any surgery, there is a risk of complications — and since you are dealing with the spine and spinal cord, they can be extremely serious. The complications include:

  • chronic pain
  • partial or total paralysis
  • the need for an additional surgery

Compression fractures take a minimum of 3 months to heal completely.

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