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An aviation accident is an accident that takes place under unique circumstances. For one, you are 30,000 feet above ground. Secondly, you are usually not the one in control of the airplane, and thus you have little control of what happens. Putting your life in the hands of a professional pilot and an experienced grounds crew can be nerve racking, and many people choose not to fly because of the risks. While flying is considered one of the safest modes of transportation, it can still be scary — especially as if there is an aviation accident. The results of which are often life altering or fatal.

Airplane and Helicopter Accidents

When you hear of a helicopter or airplane accident, it often ends with death. This is because of the sheer impact and strength of these machines, as well as the unique mode of travel where you are usually more than six miles above ground. Airplane accidents can happen for a number of reasons including:

  • mechanical defects with the machine;
  • inadequate servicing and maintenance by the mechanic staff;
  • poor driving and navigating by the pilot;
  • a loss of control over the machine;
  • extreme weather conditions; and
  • airplane and helicopter collisions.

How We Can Help

Whether you have been injured or you are inquiring on behalf of a family member’s serious injury or death, you have the legal right to compensation in almost all instances. We can help you gain the financial compensation to get your life back on track after a serious aviation injury including compensation for:

  • unpaid medical expenses;
  • medical equipment for around the house and in the car;
  • rehabilitation and recovery;
  • therapy sessions for yourself and your family;
  • a loss of income and protected income;
  • a loss of benefits; and
  • a loss of quality of life.

We have helped families gain a better understanding of what happens after a serious aviation accident that results in a life-changing injury or death. Often, if you do survive a plane crash, you will be left with permanent disability and damage to areas such as your spine, brain or limbs. You may be unable to walk ahead; you may need to have constant home care; or you may be unable to work. This impacts more than just the person injured – it impacts their entire family, as well.

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Commercial airlines have a legal responsibility to protect their passengers. There are laws in place, such as no alcohol law for pilots, and certain regulations for mechanics and grounds crew. If an airplane is deemed unsafe, under no circumstances should it be able to fly. In the event of an aviation accident, it is often due to utter negligence of the rules and regulations by the commercial airline company.

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