Crocs & Escalators

Crocs have become such a huge shoe fad that they are identifiable by name. They have achieved a level of prevalence that allows for there to be two distinct groups, consisting of people who either love or hate crocs. There seems to be no middle ground.

The plastic shoes have become exceptionally popular for children. Crocs, which are made of plastic and don’t require any laces, are an ideal solution for parents who might not have time to stop and tie a child’s shoe every five minutes. They are also very easy to clean.

Unfortunately, these shoes which are so much fun for kids to wear because of all of the colors available, have come under serious scrutiny due to escalator accidents involving the shoes. These accidents almost always involve a child wearing their colorful crocs.

What happens in escalator accidents is that a child will be standing on the outside of the step. The shoe, which is made of plastic, will rub against the side of the escalator. This friction generates heat which then melts the plastic just enough that it can be drawn into the gap between the step and the side of the escalator.

Once the shoe has been drawn into the side of the escalator, it is all too easy for it to get caught in the mechanism driving the stairs. This continues to occur until a child’s foot is cut or maimed.

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