8 New Case Results Have Been Added to the TSR Website

gavel on table by bookshelfWe have added eight new case results to the case results page of the TSR Injury Law website. The results are detailed below.

If you were injured in an accident that was caused by negligence, we may be able to help you seek compensation for your damages. Visit our case results page to learn more about some of the cases we have worked on and the results we have obtained.

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Work Injury – Confidential

TSR obtained an eight-figure confidential settlement for a person who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a workplace accident.

Personal Injury – $12,000,000

Rich Ruohonen represented an individual in his 40s involved in an accident whose injuries resulted in amputation of his leg for a settlement of $12 million.

Truck Accident – $4,000,000

Partner Rich Ruohonen obtained a $4 million settlement for a woman who suffered a dominant arm injury caused by a crash with a commercial semi-truck.

Truck Accident – $875,000

Maria was seriously injured when she was stopped at a light and a garbage truck caused a crash in which it deflected off another vehicle and hit her stopped vehicle. Her vehicle was destroyed in the crash. The crash resulted in injuries including a broken leg requiring open reduction fixation surgery and a severe hematoma to the leg which required surgery to draining the hematoma. Partner Rich Ruohonen obtained a $875,000 settlement for Maria.

Car Accident – $325,000

Ben was injured when he was on his way to a job site and his van was rearended at a high rate of speed. He ended up having injuries including a cervical disc herniation resulting in neck pain and mild traumatic brain injury. Ben received several injections for the pain in his neck and therapy for his brain injury. Partner Rich Ruohonen was able to obtain a settlement for $325,000 for Ben.

Personal Injury – $1,000,000

N.R. suffered a severe, traumatic brain injury while under the care of commercial daycare provider. She is believed to have been shaken while at the day care by one of the workers. There were no cameras at the daycare to show what occurred. When she was picked up by her parent, she seemed lethargic and a police investigation ensued, and it was narrowed down to two workers that cared for her that day as being the cause of what occurred. Neither would admit that anything unusual occurred. Medical doctors confirmed this type of brain injury usually only occurs in the event a child is shaken. Partner Rich Ruohonen is well-known for representing children who are injured as a result of daycare provider negligence and was hired to represent N.R. He was able to secure a $1,000,000 settlement for N.R. Although N.R. still has ongoing effects from the traumatic brain injury, N.R. has improved far better than ever expected and should lead a normal life.

Car Accident – $140,000

R.K. was rearended when a teenager was going too fast in icy conditions and could not stop in time. R.K. suffered a mild traumatic brain injury with mild post-traumatic stress disorder. She also suffered neck and upper back injuries with associated headaches pain which were treated with occipital nerve blocks. The PTSD really only affected her ability to drive in snowy and icy conditions without anxiety. She received therapy for her PTSD as well. There were numerous accidents across the metro area that day due to icy roadways. The teenage driver of the car claimed there is nothing she could do as she slid on ice for several hundred feet. Partner Rich Ruohonen took her deposition and proved her inexperience in driving in icy conditions was the reason she crash into R.K. that day. This matter was resolved for the policy limits of $100,000 shortly after the deposition. The underinsured case then was settled for an additional $40,000 resulting in a total settlement of $140,000.

Motorcycle Accident – $175,000

Tim was injured in a motorcycle crash when an inattentive driver turned left in front of him. He tried to lay down the motorcycle before hitting the vehicle, but a collision occurred with the vehicle. The insurance company for the vehicle tried to state it was Tim’s fault for going too fast but TSR was able to obtain a video from local retail store which showed he was not going fast like the insurance company claimed. Tim had a cut on his head and suffered a concussion. He also developed headaches and neck and upper back pain. He was treated by a neurologist with trigger point injections and occipital nerve blocks approximately every three months for the neck pain and headaches. After receiving a minimal offer from the insurance company, TSR Partner Rich Ruohonen sued out the case and after significant litigation and a mediation was able to secure a recovery of $175,000 for Tim.

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