Do I Get to Decide Where to Take My Car for Repairs After a Crash?

helpful assistant by cars at repair shopCrash victims may experience confusion after a car crash. Insurance companies love to take advantage of this uncertainty to deny or lower the value of a claim. It also comes into play for simply trying to fix your car damage.

That is why it is so important for crash victims to meet with a licensed attorney. Our Bloomington-based auto accident attorneys expect these types of tactics from insurance companies, and we are prepared to deal with them on your behalf.

Below, learn more about handling damages to your vehicle, including whether you get to choose the shop that does your car repairs.

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Choosing a Repair Shop After a Car Crash

You have the right to decide where to get your vehicle fixed after it gets damaged in a crash, just like you have the right to decide where to get treated for your injuries. The insurance company cannot require you to take your car to one shop or interfere with your decision to take it somewhere else.

Your insurance should cover the reasonable costs of repairing your vehicle back to its pre-crash condition. Using your car insurance to repair your vehicle is not like using your health insurance for medical treatment. There is no network of repair shops that limits your choices. Your car insurance company cannot decide to cover less of the cost because you chose the mechanic, and they did not.

You should take your car to a repair shop you feel will do quality work and charge a fair price for parts and labor. You need reliable transportation to get back and forth between your home and your workplace. You may find a reputable shop simply by asking friends and family members for recommendations and doing your own research, including looking at customer reviews.

It is also a good idea to check whether a repair shop carries the appropriate industry qualifications, such as certifications from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence and/or Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair. These certifications help to ensure mechanics meet the appropriate standards when working on your car.

There are also things you may notice about a shop when you walk in. For example, are they busy? If not, that may be a bad sign. Is the place dirty? Does it seem chaotic? If so, you may want to take your car somewhere else.

Am I Required to Get a Few Estimates?

There is no law requiring you to get multiple estimates for repairs after a crash. That said, your insurance policy may require getting multiple estimates for repairs. That is why it is important to carefully review an insurance policy before purchasing it.

Are There Benefits to Working with a Shop Approved by the Insurer?

There is nothing wrong with using a repair shop recommended by the insurance company. In fact, because the insurance company is used to working with the repair shops they recommend, it could speed up the claims process. They will likely handle all the paperwork and do so more efficiently than if you had to deal with it yourself. That may result in you getting your car back sooner. Repair shops may prioritize work done on vehicles insured by a company they regularly work with.

Another potential benefit is related to the warranty for the work done on your car. A repair shop usually issues a warranty of about one to two years on its work. However, the insurance company may extend the warranty for as long as you own the car if you use their approved shop.

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