Misconceptions About Rejecting a Settlement Offer After a Car Crash

putting hands up and refusing a penCar crash victims are often afraid to reject a settlement offer made by the insurance company. They may think that if they reject a settlement offer, they will not get any compensation for their damages. This could be because the insurance company made some misleading statements. There are also a lot of common misconceptions that people believe about the legal process.

Below, we discuss what it means for a crash victim to reject a settlement offer and why rejecting the first settlement offer is the best move. The first settlement offer from the insurance company is always far below the full value of the victim’s damages.

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What You Need to Know About Rejecting a Settlement Offer

The first settlement offer that insurance companies make is often far less than the full value of your claim. It may be tempting to accept this offer because you know you will get compensation.

However, once you accept a settlement offer you cannot recover any more compensation. You do not want to be left paying for your damages out of your own pocket. That is why it is always best to reject the first settlement offer.

Rejecting a settlement offer does not mean your claim is closed. In fact, rejecting a settlement offer is just the beginning of negotiations.

You may be able to get the insurance company to offer more compensation, especially if you hire a lawyer to negotiate on your behalf. You want a lawyer with courtroom experience, so the insurance company knows you are serious about getting more compensation and they understand the consequences of not making a fair offer.

Our attorneys understand that crash victims often have many questions about their rights, legal options and the value of their claims. We know how to answer these questions and an initial consultation with one of our lawyers is free of charge.

Should You Reject a Settlement Offer on Your Own?

Although you are within your rights to reject a settlement offer, you should not do so alone. It is better to discuss the situation with an attorney and allow him or her to reject the offer on your behalf, if rejecting the offer is the best course of action.

If you reject an offer on your own, the insurance company may ignore you and not negotiate in good faith.  There is no fear of a lawsuit and yelling at the defense attorney for a fair offer will not work.   There is a better chance of receiving a follow-up offer if you are represented by an experienced attorney.

How Do You Know if a Settlement Offer is Inadequate?

This is a complex question, and you need to know a lot of information to come up with an answer. It is difficult for crash victims to gather all the relevant information and analyze it appropriately. That is why you should give serious consideration to talking to a lawyer about it.

If a claim is not worth a significant amount of money, the victim may be able to get full compensation from the insurance company on his or her own.  A thousand-dollar claim is still worth the same with a lawyer.

However, if you need significant compensation for your damages, you need experienced legal help. In these situations, insurance companies are highly unlikely to make a fair offer. The first offer is very likely to be far below the value of your claim. You may need tens of thousands of dollars for medical treatment and lost earning capacity, but the insurance company may only offer $5,000.

One of the benefits of working with an experienced lawyer is that he or she has handled claims that are like yours and know the true value of the claim based on hundreds of other cases that are similar and settled over time. This provides an experienced attorney invaluable insight into determining what your claim may be worth.

Dangers of Accepting a Settlement Offer

Sometimes insurance companies lead victims to believe they are going to receive full payment of their claim later. For example, you may sign a document and receive some money from the insurance company with the assurance that more will be coming.

However, this is not true because once you sign a settlement offer, you sign away your right to try to obtain more compensation from the insurance company, either through a settlement or a lawsuit.  Some insurance companies are notorious for offering a few thousand and suggesting you call back if more is needed later.  This is not the law and once a release is signed, there is no “call back later” compensation.

If you have any questions about a settlement offer or think that rejecting the offer and holding out for more money is the best option, you should discuss it with a licensed attorney. While compensation cannot change what happened in the crash, recovering full compensation is so important in the aftermath of a serious injury. Your life has been turned upside down and without full compensation, it is going to be very difficult to move forward.

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You may think you can handle a car crash claim on your own. However, there are a lot of things you may not have considered. Your injuries could be worse than you realize. If the insurance company does not offer enough compensation, it is going to be very difficult to get them to make a better offer without a lawyer.

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How Much Time is There to Accept or Reject a Settlement Offer?

hourglass by calendar on tableWhen a car insurance company makes a settlement offer, they may set a deadline for accepting it before it gets taken off the table. If they do not set a deadline, they may just expect a response in a reasonable amount of time.

However, you do not need to feel rushed into deciding whether to accept or reject a settlement offer. Despite what the insurance company says, the first offer is often not the only offer they make. In fact, the first offer is often far below the full value of your claim and any claimed deadlines to accept are arbitrary and not accurate.

It is also important to emphasize you should strongly consider meeting with a qualified lawyer to review any settlement offers you receive. An attorney from our firm is prepared to help you determine if a settlement offer provides the compensation you need to move forward with your life.

It often takes time to get the insurance company to make an offer that provides fair compensation. A Bloomington vehicle crash attorney can counter, and it often takes multiple counteroffers to reach a fair settlement agreement

Why Insurance Companies Pressure Victims to Settle

The insurance company’s primary concern is their bottom line. They are trying to make a profit and that is done by paying out as little as possible to injured victims.

While insurance companies sometimes delay the process of negotiations in hopes of getting an injury victim to accept a low offer, they can also try to speed it up. They know victims need compensation to pay their medical bills, replace lost wages or just get back on their feet. That is why they may set a deadline for accepting a settlement offer and lead victims to believe that is the only offer the insurance company is going to make. They are counting on victims feeling desperate and deciding to accept what the insurance company is offering because it is “at least something.“ There is also the fear that if the offer is not accepted immediately, it may go away and no new offer will ever be presented.

Insurers may try to dissuade you from working with an attorney, claiming an attorney will just make things complicated and they will take a huge chunk of your settlement to cover their costs. Victims may feel pressured to decide and think they just do not have time to talk to an attorney. This is a false narrative. People with attorneys average three times the settlement. Even after paying attorney fees, the case is still worth more to the client. In addition, consultations are free, so why not be educated on your options before accepting a settlement.  TSR Injury Law can also review the facts of the case and determine if there is missing information the insurance company needs to make a fair offer.

Another factor to consider is insurance companies may be pushing you to settle because you have a strong case. They are trying to save themselves money and they do not want you to challenge them by hiring an attorney. They may think they will have to offer more compensation if you get an attorney because of the strength of your case.

Dangers of Accepting a Settlement Offer Too Quickly

One of the biggest problems with accepting a settlement offer too quickly is you may leave compensation on the table. You may not be able to recover full compensation for medical bills, particularly ongoing medical expenses.

There is basically no way to know the full cost of your damages early in the process. Doctors need to wait until you reach maximum medical improvement to determine how long your injuries may affect you. They need time to assess if you will have a permanent or long-term disability.

It may also take time to determine how your injuries affect your ability to work. Maybe you will be able to return to the same type of job at some point in the future. But you may need to work fewer hours or work a different kind of job. Doctors may not know what your physical abilities may be until you reach maximum medical improvement.

Advantages of Discussing Settlement Offers With an Attorney

The licensed attorneys at TSR Injury Law manage crash claims every day. We have a proven track record of success representing Minnesota crash victims.

We have the resources and legal knowledge to manage every aspect of a claim as we pursue full compensation for damages. We consider the various factors that affect the value of a case and the unique details of each client’s case, including:

  • Other damages you suffered
  • Insurance policy limits
  • Whether the crash aggravated an existing injury

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Crash victims often do not realize how challenging it can be to seek compensation on their own. They may not understand how insurance companies operate and how they are working against the interests of victims.

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