Can I Just Exchange Information Instead of Calling the Police After a Car Crash?

argument in front of damaged carsSome crash victims may not want to make a big thing out of a crash. They would prefer to exchange insurance and contact information with the other driver and go on their way. They figure they can file a claim on their own and get the compensation they will need from the insurance company without having to get the police involved

In some cases, accidents are not that serious. However, it is difficult to know if you have serious injuries until you are examined by a doctor. Additionally, the damage to your car may be a lot worse than you realize. If you have ever had car trouble you know the cost of repairs can add up quickly. The external damage may not look that bad, but you could have damaged components under the hood.

Below, learn more about why it can be a good idea to call the police after a crash, even if you do not think you have serious injuries.

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Why Only Exchanging Information May be a Bad Idea

How do you know the other driver is giving you his or her real name, phone number and insurance information? Even if he or she shows you a valid driver’s license and insurance card and sends you a text message so you have the phone number in your phone, he or she may not return your calls. If you call the insurance company, they may deny liability – claiming you do not have a case because you did not call the police.

People often forget or put off updating their driver’s license. The address on it may no longer be correct.

Sometimes at-fault drivers try to rush through exchanging information. They may say they have an appointment to get to or some other obligation. They may seem nice and like someone who will take responsibility for their actions. However, you do not know this person. There is no way to know if he or she can be trusted.

Even though Minnesota is a no-fault state, it is important to have a police report from the scene of the crash.  Some insurance policies require a police report to even set up a claim.  The at fault party may change their story and when you try to make a liability claim, it is denied.

If you do not have a police report, it may be difficult to establish fault. If the driver leaves the scene, you will not have pictures of the damage to his or her vehicle. The insurance company may say the crash could not have been that big of a deal because you did not call the police right away.

Another factor to consider is that your injuries may be much worse than you initially thought. It may take a few hours or days for symptoms to develop, and by that point you could be dealing with a significant amount of pain. If you do not call the police or seek treatment right away, you are giving the insurance company room to claim your injuries were caused by something else.

It is important to establish a strong connection between your injuries and the accident. You can do this by calling the police right away, seeking treatment, and contacting a licensed Bloomington car accident attorney to help review your options. When victims treat a crash as a serious situation, it becomes more difficult for insurance companies to say otherwise.

When Drivers are Required to Call the Police

Leaving the scene of a crash without calling the police may be illegal, depending on the details of the crash. Under state law, those involved in collisions that result in bodily injury or death must provide notice to:

  • Local police if the crash happened within a municipality
  • State patrol if the crash happened on a highway
  • Office of the sheriff of the county

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