New TSR Office Marks New Beginning and End of Basement-to-Top-Floor Journey

evening shot of buildings at normandale lakeTSR’s rapid growth in the last several years meant the firm needed a larger office space. After a yearlong search, they settled on the top two floors of 8300 Norman Center Drive and moved in last year.

Last month, Minnesota Lawyer wrote a story about the firm’s new office space, describing the journey to get there. The story discusses the unique features of the office and how it will allow the firm to make their vision a reality.

The Journey From the Basement to the Top Floor

TSR’s Managing Partner Steve Terry started his first firm in the basement of an office building back in 1997. Back then that was all he could afford.

In the 25 years since, TSR Injury Law was formed, and it has experienced rapid growth in the last several years.

This meant the old space at 494 and France was no longer big enough to accommodate the firm’s growing needs. TSR’s original office space was a long “L” shape, and over time the firm had expanded from one side of the L to the other. The space did not allow for the communication and cohesiveness Terry wanted.

Eventually, the firm decided on the top two floors of an office building overlooking Normandale Lake as their new location.

Unique Features of the New Office

As the overall square footage of the new space is less than what a firm the size of TSR would normally have, an interior design company was brought in to build out and optimize the new space according to the firm’s needs and vision.

To start, the first floor was designated to incorporate the reception and employee break areas, creating a warm and welcoming feel into the firm. In addition, offices were placed on the top floor giving employees a wonderful view of Normandale Lake below, while also increasing communication and cohesion.

The new office area has the benefit of full-length windows and a skylight in the middle of the floor. To take advantage of the natural light this provides, designers chose various shades of blue, complimented by lighter wood finishes. There is also art on the walls that are enjoyed by employees and clients alike. The overall effect is an unimposing and welcoming environment; a significant visual uplift over the beige colors and dark wood that predominated the old office decor.

Other unique features of the office include:

  • A wellness room outfitted with a TV, chairs and refrigerator
  • A private space for nursing mothers
  • Mock courtroom to rehearse legal proceedings
  • Electric fireplace in the reception area
  • Employee lunchroom that also serves as a center for inhouse events

Terry says the designers created a whole new “feel” to the office, successfully achieving the welcoming, warm and collaborative space they were seeking.