Why Many Car Crash Victims Decide Not to Call a Lawyer

typing on a smartphoneWe seek professional help in a variety of situations. For example, many people who develop health problems see a doctor. People who need help with their taxes often seek out an accountant. People also hire realtors to help them search for a new place to live.

Unfortunately, car crash victims often do not seek professional advice and guidance from an attorney. There are a variety of reasons why crash victims decide to go it alone. Unfortunately, many crash victims base this decision on a variety of myths and misconceptions. Sometimes they allow the insurance company to convince them they do not need an attorney.

Our experienced Bloomington auto accident attorneys discuss some of the most common reasons crash victims decide not to hire an attorney. What many do not realize is choosing a lawyer is one of the most important decisions a crash victim needs to make.

Recovering compensation cannot change what happened, but it is an important part of helping to secure your future.

What Crash Victims Think About the Idea of Calling a Lawyer

Whenever people are confused, anxious or unsure of their options, they tend to make rash decisions based on incomplete or untrue information.

Uncertainty About Needing a Lawyer

For example, even though some victims are unsure if they might need a lawyer, they are afraid to talk to one. They may even listen to the insurance company when someone tells them hiring a lawyer will result in a smaller settlement.

Not Knowing a Lawyer Personally

Some people decide not to call a lawyer because they do not know one personally. This is understandable, as people often choose to see professionals they know, or professionals recommended to them by a family member or close friend. Many people are not sure they can trust someone they do not know.

However, you can conduct your own research on a lawyer or firm to determine if you want to work with them. For example, you can read online reviews from people who hired the law firm in the past. You can learn a great deal about what it would be like to work with a particular firm or attorney by reading these reviews.

You can also look up case results to see if a particular firm has taken on cases like yours and what the results were.

You can check out case results and client reviews on the TSR Injury Law website and learn more about our firm and our experienced attorneys. You can also learn more about how we take cases on contingency, so there are no upfront fees.  Tsr Injury Law also provides a free phone comsulatation for any case.  We answer all questions and will gladly provide an honest assessment of the legal situation and the merits of your case.

Discomfort with Suing Someone

Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of suing someone else. They may even think hiring a lawyer and pursuing a claim will cause harm to the party that caused the crash.

However, it is important to note most claims do not end up in court. Most claims are resolved through a settlement with the insurance company. In fact, the at-fault driver may not have much involvement in your pursuit of compensation because we make the claim against the driver’s auto insurance.  It is rarely ever a personal claim against the driver’s assets. In the unlikely event your claim goes to court, the at-fault party might be questioned at a deposition or questioned in court. Your lawyer will be seeking compensation from the insurance company, not the at-fault driver’s bank account.

Factors Crash Victims Might Not Consider

Here is a question many crash victims may not consider: Does the insurance company prefer to deal directly with the victim or with his or her attorney?

The answer is they would rather deal with you than with an attorney. Think about it this way: Why would the insurance company tell you not to hire a lawyer and say hiring a lawyer will hurt your claim?

Insurance companies know their own research has found victims represented by lawyers tend to recover more compensation than victims who handle things alone. They also know crash victims are often desperate for compensation, unsure of their rights and unsure of the potential value of their claims.

Another factor to consider is the motivation of the insurance company versus the motivation of a personal injury lawyer. Despite what you hear on TV, insurance companies are for-profit businesses looking to protect their bottom line.

At TSR Injury Law, we are dedicated to pursuing maximum compensation for the victim’s damages. In other words, your interests align with ours. When we take a case, we manage the legal process on the victim’s behalf. You no longer need to be concerned about deadlines or legal paperwork. Our attorneys can manage these details and keep you informed every step of the way. We are also available to answer your questions.

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