What is Included with Replacement Services Coverage in Minnesota Car Insurance?

car keys on paperCar crashes can cause serious disruption to victims’ lives. In addition to the injuries victims may suffer, they may lose income because they are unable to work for a few days or longer.

Even though victims may be spending more time at home, they may not be able to complete household tasks as they did before. For example, they may not be physically able to clean up the house, shop for groceries, take care of children or shovel snow. This can present a variety of challenges for crash victims and their families.

Fortunately, Minnesota car insurance policies are required to provide compensation for replacement services. Below, learn more about what may be covered by replacement services benefits and how much compensation crash victims may receive.

Minnesota Law on Replacement Services Coverage

Minnesota statute 65B.44 details the basic economic loss benefits that are part of any Minnesota car insurance policy, including replacement services. Subdivision 5 says this benefit reimburses all expenses that were reasonably incurred by the injured person or on that person’s behalf to obtain usual and necessary substitute services that would have otherwise been performed. These services are for the direct personal benefit of the victim and/or the victim’s household.

What Are Replacement Services?

There are numerous examples of household chores injury victims may be unable to complete. They may need to hire help to complete these tasks and their car insurance may cover the cost of hiring that help. For example, your car insurance may provide compensation for the cost of hiring someone to help with:

  • Cleaning your home
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Shoveling snow
  • Childcare
  • Shopping for groceries
  • Other activities essential for managing the household

How Much Compensation Could You Recover?

You can recover a maximum of $200 per week for replacement services. However, you cannot receive compensation for replacement services until seven days after the crash occurred.

There are two ways to collect these benefits. If you are deemed a “primary homemaker” there does not need to be an actual expense for the replacement service. The primary homemaker can make a claim just because they cannot do the service anymore. An experienced attorney will help with the needed disability slips and affidavits to prove the claim. If the injured party is not a primary homemaker, then an actual expense needs to be had to be reimbursed.

This is an issue to discuss with a licensed Minneapolis auto accident attorney. Make sure to keep track of how much you had to pay for hiring someone to help around the house. That way you can help make sure you receive compensation for everything that is covered by your car insurance.

What if My Spouse Takes Over Household Chores and No One is Hired to Help?

If you have full responsibility for the care and maintenance of your home, you can be considered the primary homemaker. Whether you have children or not, the reasonable value of the services to run the home will be covered. Even if your spouse, or no one, does the actual work, the primary homemaker can be compensated for the loss. You can be also considered fully responsible for managing your household even if you work outside the home.

If the two working adults in a home are responsible for maintaining the home, an attorney can help determine which claim has merit. No matter the circumstance, replacement services will always be covered if an expense is paid.

If you are single and live alone, you usually are the primary homemaker. You can still get reimbursed for replacement services, even if you do not hire someone.

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