Could You Benefit from a Second Opinion About Your Crash-Related Injuries?

conversation between doctor and patientYou could greatly benefit from seeing another doctor to review your diagnosis and treatment plan. Even though the second doctor may concur with the first’s opinion, this should offer you some peace of mind.

Below, learn more about the potential benefits of seeking a second opinion about your crash-related injuries. You want to make sure all your injuries are being treated appropriately so you have the best chance to make the best physical and legal recoveries possible.

You also want to be able to include all your medical costs in your claim for compensation. You do not want treatment expenses to be left out of your claim, meaning you must pay them out of your own pocket. Another doctor may recommend another treatment the first doctor did not, potentially improving your recovery.

Reasons You Might Want a Second Opinion

Crash victims often seek additional treatment after the emergency room when they notice new or worsening symptoms a few days after the crash. This is not necessarily a second opinion.  It is more akin to simply getting more treatment outside the emergency room setting which is usually one stop.  Once a continuing treatment plan is chosen, such as chiropractic or physical therapy treatment, it is common to seek a second opinion if the pain plateaus or gets worse.  Medical doctors, pain management specialists, neurologists or surgeons are all viable options to make sure your treatment plan is working for you.

Another common reason for seeking a second opinion is concern the doctor is not doing enough or is taking the wrong approach. For example, maybe you think the doctor could do more to reduce your level of pain. Maybe you have heard about alternative treatments, or you know someone else who had a similar injury and was treated differently.

It is very important to trust your doctor and the treatments he or she is recommending. If you do not trust your doctor, you may be less likely to continue treatment, which could hurt your chances of recovering fully both physically and legally

When a doctor recommends surgery, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons of the procedure. Make sure to get answers to your questions and if you are still uncertain about the surgery, getting another opinion may be a good idea. The second doctor may agree with the first doctor, and that should help reassure you that surgery is a good option.

However, the other doctor may disagree with the first. If this happens, you have a lot to think about. The important thing is that you make a well-informed decision that you feel comfortable with, but you should be naïve and fail to understand the insurance company’s view of your injury if your own doctors cannot agree.

If the first doctor you saw is a general practitioner, or is not board-certified, it may be wise to seek an opinion from another doctor whose sole focus or accreditation is on the injured area of your body.

Another reason for seeking a second opinion is if your treatment seems to be progressing poorly. If you have talked to the doctor about it and you do not feel like he or she is listening or making changes to your treatment, a second opinion may be warranted.

Your health is your top priority after a crash, and if you think a second opinion would help, you should give it some serious thought.

If you are concerned about how this may affect your claim for compensation, give your attorney a call and ask. At TSR Injury Law, we are committed to answering your questions promptly and returning your calls.

When Might Insurance Companies Request a Second Opinion?

You seeking a second medical opinion is very different than the insurance company seeking one.  The insurance company will be looking for some way to deny your claim or pay less than its full value. One option may be to request an “independent medical exam” better known as an “adverse exam”.

It is important to discuss a request for an independent medical exam with your attorney. He or she can advise you on whether you are required to go through with it and help prepare you for it. Your lawyer’s advice may help you protect the value of your claim during the exam. There is nothing independent about an insurance exam.  Your attorney will cover the rules of what you are required to do and what are oversteps by the insurance company.  The attorney will also be able to overturn the exam’s results and make sure your bills get paid.

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