What are the Car Insurance Company’s Obligations When You File a Claim?

denied in block lettersWe buy insurance to help protect us when something unexpected happens. We are counting on the insurance company to hold up its end of the bargain and manage claims in good faith.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are notorious for acting in bad faith. If they do not break the law in their handling of a claim, they may stop just short of breaking the law.

It is important to know your rights when you file an insurance claim so you will know if the insurance company is taking advantage of you. If you are struggling with your insurance company after a crash, give TSR Injury Law a call to schedule a free legal consultation.

We have been assisting car crash victims in dealing with insurance companies for decades and have a proven track record of success.

Minnesota’s Good Faith Law

While insurance companies have the right to deny claims, they must have a reasonable basis for doing so. If the insurance company cannot prove it had a legitimate, credible reason for denying a claim filed by someone they insure, that person may pursue legal action against the insurance company. If you can prove this, you may be awarded damages.

It is important to note your insurance company has an obligation to you to act in good faith. However, the other driver’s insurance company has no such obligation to you.

Your car insurance company also has a variety of obligations in how it processes your claim. For example, the insurance company must acknowledge that it received your claim within 10 business days. The insurance company must also provide you with all necessary claim forms and instructions on how to process your claim.

Investigating Your Claim

Insurance companies are also legally obligated to complete an investigation of your claim within 30 business days. The only exception to this is if the investigation cannot reasonably be completed in that time. However, the insurance company must notify you of the reasons why the investigation cannot be finished within 30 days.

Contacting an Attorney

Minnesota law says it is also illegal for an insurance company to advise a claimant not to call an attorney or to say payment of benefits will be delayed if you retain an attorney.

Notifying You of Acceptance or Denial of a Claim

The insurance company is also required to notify you of its acceptance or denial of a claim within 60 days of receiving a properly executed proof of loss. The insurance company cannot deny your claim based on a specific provision, condition or exclusion unless that is stated in the denial letter sent to the claimant.

Making a Settlement Agreement

The insurance company cannot threaten to cancel or not renew your policy to try to coerce you into settling the claim.

They also cannot make a settlement offer for one part of the claim that is contingent on settling a different part of the claim.

There are many other things insurance companies cannot do when someone files a claim after a car accident, such as telling you that you are required to take your car to a certain body shop for repairs. You have the right to decide where to take your car for repairs.

Despite these regulations, insurance companies often mislead, deceive and unfairly deny claims. Their loyalty is to their bottom line, so they are looking for some way to deny or undervalue claims.

That is why it is so important to seek experienced legal help. Insurance companies know an experienced Bloomington car accident attorney knows the law and will aggressively seek full compensation for crash victims.

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