Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Chances of Recovering Car Crash Compensation

mistake in red pencil being erasedCar crashes are traumatic, often unexpected events. Victims may have many questions and much uncertainty about what to do. Unfortunately, this could lead to many mistakes that may hurt your chances of recovering all the compensation you need.

It is important to learn more about some of these common mistakes so you can avoid them if you get into a crash.

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Admitting Fault

You may bear some amount of fault for what happened. However, you might be blameless – sometimes crash victims apologize or think they could have done more when that is inaccurate. It is important not to make quick judgments about the crash, particularly when you are talking to the insurance company. If you admit fault, they will use that against you to devalue your claim.

If you have concerns about your role in the crash or think it may have been partially your fault, contact TSR as soon as possible. A licensed Bloomington auto accident lawyer can discuss the situation with you.

Waiting to Get Treatment

It is best to get treatment immediately after the crash. It is difficult to know how severe your injuries may be, as pain is often masked by adrenaline.

If you wait, you risk allowing your injuries to become much worse. You could also hurt your chances of securing full compensation for your damages. The insurance company will use the gap between the crash and the start of treatment against you. By seeking treatment immediately, you help show you are taking the situation seriously, you are injured, and you are making an effort to get better.

Accepting the First Offer

Do not be surprised if the insurance company offers you a settlement soon after the crash. They are not doing this because they want to fairly compensate you.  They are trying to get a release for as cheaply as possible. Insurance companies make a profit by collecting premiums and then not paying out. If they can convince you to settle for $10,000.00 when the claim is truly worth $30,000.00, they just saved $20,000.00 for profit.

If you receive a settlement offer, you should discuss it with a licensed attorney. Unlike the insurance company, an attorney is committed to your best interests.

It is also important to remember the first offer is not the only offer. Typically, the first offer is a baseline to negotiate from. If you accept the first offer, you cannot later ask for more compensation, even if your claim is truly worth more. This would potentially include waiving future medical coverage, wage loss reimbursement or compensation for pain and suffering in the past and for the rest of your life.

Waiting Too Long to Talk to a Lawyer

If you wait too long to discuss the situation with a lawyer there may be little a lawyer can do to help you. By waiting, you risk evidence disappearing (such as video and witness’s memories) by signing releases you may waive privacy rights we cannot regain, and you may miss the timeline to start a lawsuit. For example, there is a statute of limitations (sometimes as short as two years) from the date of the crash to file a lawsuit. It takes time to build a strong case, as lawyers need to investigate, gather evidence, write a demand letter, etc.

At our firm, the initial consultation is free and comes with no obligation to take legal action. The initial consultation is to determine if you may have a case and if you may need an attorney’s help. We get paid on a contingent basis, so our fee is the same if we get hired on day one or day 100. There is zero risk allowing TSR to investigate your case and help you earlier rather than later.

Posting About the Crash on Social Media

You can continue posting things to social media while pursuing compensation after a car crash. However, be careful not to post things about the crash or things that could be used to attack your credibility.

For example, posting pictures from your vacation is a bad idea. The insurance company may use these pictures to argue you are not really hurt. If you can go on vacation and enjoy yourself, how much pain can you really be in? Are you following the doctor’s orders about physical activity?

You may think it does not matter what you post on social media, but insurance companies often review a claimant’s social media accounts to find things that can be used against them. Even if you are using privacy settings, there may be ways around them. Make sure not to accept friend requests from people you do not know, as they may be insurance company representatives snooping for information.

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