How Credibility Can Affect Car Crash Eyewitness Statements

blocks with trust spelled outEyewitness statements could go a long way toward validating a car crash claim. However, the witness must be believable because you can be sure the insurance company will attack the witness’s credibility. For example, the insurance company may say the witness did not have a good view of the crash or that he or she does not seem very certain of what he or she saw.

Below, learn more about eyewitness credibility and what factors into it. It is important to understand that a credible witness can help a claim, but a witness who lacks credibility could hurt a car crash claim.

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What Factors into Eyewitness Credibility?

When someone has good credibility, people trust what that person says. They believe he or she is being truthful and not lying. When someone lacks credibility, it is very difficult to take what they are saying seriously.

There are a variety of things that affect someone’s credibility, particularly if they witnessed a car crash. For example, a witness’s vantage point has a significant impact on what may have been witnessed. If a witness was a significant distance away from the crash, it is difficult to believe specific details about what they claim they saw because the witness’s view may have been obstructed by other things, like other cars.   A witness’s vision may also be an issue.  Do they wear glasses, was it dark out, how far away what the event they saw?

Another factor to consider is how much of the crash the witness saw. Did he or she watch the whole thing? Did the witness hear something and turn to look, meaning he or she did not see the whole crash?

However, even if a witness were close to the crash, his or her credibility could be in question. The witness may have looked away or been more focused on getting out of the way to stay safe.

Another factor affecting credibility is bias. For instance, if the witness is a family member or close friend, he or she may be more likely to say things that are favorable to your claim. Family members and close friends tend to feel a strong obligation to help.

There are many other factors that may affect the credibility of an eyewitness to a car crash:

  • Criminal record
  • How likely the witness’s account is
  • Whether the witness is hard of hearing or visually impaired
  • Whether he or she made contradictory statements
  • What the witness was doing before and during the crash
  • If the witness is easily confused
  • If other evidence contradicts what the witness says
  • If others say the witness has a reputation for regularly lying
  • Whether the witness had been drinking or using drugs
  • Whether the witness’s testimony is supported by the testimony of other witnesses

If you talk to witnesses at the scene, make sure to get their contact information and provide this to your attorney. If you have suspicions about whether a witness is telling the truth, relay that to your attorney.

TSR Injury Law has managed countless car crash claims and we know how to determine if an eyewitness has good credibility and may help strengthen your claim. For example, sometimes the damage to the vehicles involved and the injuries suffered by the crash victim are enough to validate a claim. Even though there may be witnesses, their statements may not be needed.

Each car crash is unique, which is why it is so important to have an experienced lawyer managing your claim. The insurance company is working against you and those who hire attorneys often recover more compensation compared to those who do not.

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