Staying Safe in These Dangerous Minneapolis Intersections

cars going through intersectionMany car crashes are the result of another driver’s actions. For example, many drivers simply do not pay enough attention to those around them or exercise caution when changing lanes or making other driving maneuvers.

There are still things you can do to help lessen your risk of a crash, even when approaching and passing through a dangerous intersection.

Below, learn more about some of the most dangerous intersections in the Minneapolis area and how to lower your risk of a crash.

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Dangerous Minneapolis Intersections

If you can avoid going through these intersections and find an alternate route, you should do so. However, sometimes this is just not possible. That is why you need to know about what makes these locations dangerous and how you can lower your risk of a potentially serious crash.

East 26th Street and MN 55

There are a lot of rear-end crashes here because it is the first light when exiting the freeway. Drivers are often speeding or distracted, and they do not give themselves enough time to stop. There are often dozens of crashes every few years.

66th Avenue and MN 252

Drivers often do not yield when turning right, which results in many crashes. Unfortunately, if you give drivers too much freedom, they often abuse it and put themselves and others at risk.

MN 55 (Olson Mem) East Ramps and IS 94

Unfortunately, drivers are often confused and trying to find out where to go. When drivers are unsure about what to do, they often do not pay enough attention. They may slow down unexpectedly or change lanes without signaling. This increases the risk of a crash.

Lake Street West and Lyndale Avenue

This is a risky area for pedestrians. If you are on foot, keep your eye out for approaching cars. Only cross the street in designated crosswalks and do not assume drivers see you. Try to make eye contact and wave at drivers.

Some of the other dangerous intersections that may have a higher risk of crashes include:

  • MN 36 and MN 120
  • MN 65 and 221st Avenue and East Bethel
  • US 52 and CSAH 9
  • IS 94 and MN 55 (Olson Mem) West Ramps
  • MN 65 and 93rd Lane in Blaine
  • US 2 and MN 89 Near Wilton

Meanwhile, these intersections can be very dangerous for pedestrians:

  • Franklin Avenue and Nicollet Avenue
  • Lake Street West and Blaisdell Avenue
  • Cedar Avenue and Riverside Avenue
  • Hennepin Avenue and 4th Street South

Avoiding Crashes in Intersections in Minnesota

There are some general rules for staying safe in intersections. As with other driving situations, the key is not to assume other drivers will act responsibly.

Never Change Lanes

This is a rule people often forget or simply ignore. Not only is this illegal, but other drivers are not expecting it. Changing lanes in an intersection could easily cause a sideswipe crash.

Pay Attention When Turning Right

Sometimes drivers rear-end other drivers while waiting to make a right turn on a red light. If you are in a line of cars waiting to turn right, do not pull ahead until the car in front of you makes the turn.

Do Not Assume Other Drivers Will Stop

Sometimes drivers run red lights. You should always check for oncoming cars when you turn right. If you are unsure, slow down and wait a second.

Use Extra Caution When the Traffic Lights Are Not Working

When this happens, the intersection become a four-way stop. Try to make eye contact with the other drivers to determine when it is safe to go. Remember, it is one line of cars at a time. Do not try to sneak in behind other cars.

Keep an Eye Out for Pedestrians

Stop before the front of your car gets into the crosswalk. Watch for pedestrians as you pull up to make a right turn. As you complete your turn, look left and right to be sure no one is coming. Unfortunately, pedestrians do not always pay enough attention.

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