Partner Rich Ruohonen handled a tragic wrongful death case against the State of Minnesota. M.G., an 18 year-old wonderful young woman with a very promising future was killed when she drove down the highway and entered a dust cloud. The dust cloud was being kicked up by a road grader and a significant wind making it almost impossible to see. When she entered the dust cloud, she was unable to see the road grader which was over halfway into her lane. She hit the back side of the road grader and was sent head on into a semi-truck. The driver of the semi-truck confirmed it was impossible to see due to the action of the road grader. The road grader was supposed to use signage and a warning vehicle to advise traffic of work being done ahead. No such methods were employed. Numerous witnesses were located and they confirmed that the dust could being kicked up with the road grader made it difficult to see. A claim was made against the State of Minnesota for M.G.‘s wrongful death. M.G. was a musician and had a brother with disabilities that she was close to and helped care for. The case was settled for a total $550,000, which involved $450,000 out of the possible statutory cap of $500,000 from the State of Minnesota and $100,000 in underinsured motorist benefits.

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